HEALING ARTS - VEGAN CAFE´ -  YOGA & RETREAT CENTER                                                                           



Magic Park is found in the year 2005, situated in Arambol,

a fishing village in North Goa wih a long hippie tradition.

Our 1000 sqm compound is in the shade of big old trees, only 150 m

from the ocean. We have a lively and diverse crowd of

long-term residents and backpackers, drop-outs and

professionals, artists and spiritual seekers ...



to reconnect, and rejunivate.     Nuturing yourself in a natural inviroment, with fresh healthy vegan food, meeting same minded people, meditating, participating in daily Kundalini or Hatha Yoga classes participating in various courses and workshops, retreats, receiving bodywork or energy sessions, dancing, singing, relaxing in the shade, basking in the warm breeze, sipping fresh juices, enjoying our delicious sweets, smoothies, raw cakes,

while reading a book and sipping a coconut cappochino ...

                     simply to enjoy....

We invite you to come here for relaxation, inspiration, and spiritual growth. Magic Park is a Place for creativity, for reconnecting to the source. In deep honor to Mother Earth, the Divine Feminin, we offer daily Yoga and Art classes, individual healing sessions, retreats and quiet beautiful spacious huts and rooms.

We believe in a simple lifestyle, wholesome organic food and cozy safe spaces to co-create. We are hosting the best teachers from all over the world, sharing their healing arts.